Farm & Factory Interiors

Farm & Factory Interiors

Camdenton, Mo...Lake of the Ozarks

Limited Edition Items

LE-001 19th Century Wood Foundry Pattern

IWFM-1 - 1930's Industrial Wood Foundry Mold

LE002 Silo Top Light Fixtures

SILOGL-60 - Silo Top, Large with Variety of Gears and Seed Planter Plates - 60"Diameter

LE008 - Gear Light w/Sprockets and Chain

Artist At Work

LE012 - Wood Foundry Mold Side A & B  - A True Father & Son Creation   (Texas Software Firm Client)  

LE011 - Wood Foundry Mold with Industrial Gears, Seed Plates and Sprockets (Sold to Nashville Client)

LE013 - Grain Aerator Tube w/WWII Equipment Couplings
Farm & Factory Interiors Master Hallway

Extraordinary one of a kind or limited quantity pieces. Some of our vintage components are with us for many years before the design becomes apparent.  Some items are complex and take many days or weeks to create and some items are just hard to find.  All of our work has a story or a significance behind them.  

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