Farm & Factory Interiors

Farm & Factory Interiors

Camdenton, Mo...Lake of the Ozarks

Farm & Factory Interiors Catalog (Lighting)

BHF01 - 46" Brooder Disk with Hog Feeder Base

BTF01 - 46" Brooder Disk with Hog Feeder Ring

BTF02 - 34" Brooder Disk w/Turkey Pan

BTG02 - 34" Brooder Disk w/Turkey Pan and Fly Wheel

TPSG7 - Turkey Pan Sprocket and Gear Light

CBDIF-1 Diffuser Light 

TBCP - 3 Vintage Turkey Pans, 1930's Clutch Plates & 1900 Windmill Gears

Residential Install - Texas Client

CLG05 - Hand Hewn Beam Light (Custom Beam Lengths 4' - 10')

PWBDO1 - 34" Chicken Brooder Disk w/Packer Wheel

BML01-34" Brooder Disk Drop Light

CLG04 / CLG06 - Stock Tank Light (4' & 6' Lengths)



CBGL-34 / CBGL-46  - Brooder Disk, Large with variety of seed planter plates and gears.  (34" & 46")

CPBP-46" Chicken Brooder Disk w/Seed Planter Plate

CPBP-34" Chicken Brooder Disk w/Seed Planter Plates

CBCS7 - Chicken Brooder with Cream Separator Cups and Cultivator

POTF-1 Pride of The Farm Light Fixture (Limited Quanties)

POTFWW-1 "Pride of the Farm" Hog Feeder Rings w/Agricultural Water Wheel - 72" Diameter

POTFSICY-1 "Pride of the Farm" Hog Feeder Ring with Silo Lid & Cylinder

IAWW-1  Industrial Agriculture Water Wheel

PCC01 - Grain Transfer Pipe, Seed Planter Plates, Couplings.  Lengths and Designs Vary

CLG01-3 or CLG01-5 Hay Trolley's (3 or 5 light)

CFC01 - Chicken Feeder Fixture Light Bar (Customized Lengths)

CWS01 - Grain Aerator Tube Sconce

PULIH-1 - Wood Pulley Light with Industrial Hanger

CLG02 - Tractor Front - Models Vary

EML01 - 46" Incubator Tray Sconce

WMLWS-3 / WMLWS-1 Weld Masks on Mesh Screen (Custom sizes available)

AM01 - Auto & Truck Front Ends - Models Vary

BTWS01 - Chicken Brooder with Turkey Pan Sconce

IBTWS03 - Industrial Bake Tin Wall Sconce (3 Panel Shown)  Can Customize # of Panels

CWS02 - Chicken Feeder Sconce w/Seed Plate

CWS03 - Chicken Feeder Pan w/Rotary Hoe and Seed Plate

CWS02 - Residential Install - Texas Client

CWS02 (Customized)- Restaurant Client

TCWS04 - Turkey & Chicken Feeder Sconce 

TWS05 - Turkey Feeder Sconce w/Seed Plate

Father and Son on another field pick

CFPCPP- 1 Chicken Feeder with Industrial Seed Plate (Most Popular)

CFCONE - Chicken Feeder "Cone" Fixture

CFBL-1 - Chicken Feeder "Bell" Fixture (Becky's Fav)

TCBLP - Turkey & Chicken Bowl Light Fixture  (Very Popular)

TBLCP-1 Turkey Bowl w/1930's Clutch Plate Pendent

CBLCP-1 Chicken Bowl w/1930's Clutch Plate Pendent

Can't Get Enough of That Rusty Stuff 

CBWFP - Chicken Bowl w/Wire Pendent

Where Some of the Magic Happens

PPO1 - Planter Plate Orb

CLG03 - Barn Lanterns

Automotive "Header" Table Lamp (1 of a Kind)

Gear Mix Table Lamp (1 of a Kind)

TBLLMP-001  Planter/Plow Separator/Gear Lamp

TBLLMP-002  Planter/Plow Separator/Gear Lamp

TBLLMP-003  Planter/Plow Separator/Gear Lamp

TBLLMP-004  Planter/Plow Separator/Gear Lamp


1. All designs start with vintage materials so there will be color and slight design variations for product ordered.

2. Special Projects? We provide custom design work at no charge

3. Hanging chain and light bulbs do not come with light fixtures but can be ordered.

4.  All lighting fixtures come with an 8’ cord with plug. Longer lengths can be ordered.

We ship our products anywhere in USA & Canada.  Ship out of Camdenton, Missouri (We can deliver to Round Top, Texas during the Antique Show (March & September) on our scheduled visits at no charge)  

If you are interested in any of the items & pricing, please call us or e-mail us.

Robert Bixby   Ph. 469-658-5396  E-Mail