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Farm & Factory Interiors

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"Farm & Factory Interiors

Robert, Becky & Aaron Bixby

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"Farm & Factory Interiors"

was formed out of a lifelong love of artful interior design, history and the desire to create a living environment that celebrates both.   Our objective in forming Farm & Factory Interiors was to design and produce small edition and one of a kind decorative pieces that enhance both living and work space environments.

We decided early on that we would utilize materials from vintage industrial and farm production, thus our name.  These materials were designed originally to support a specific function but as with all design activity they included elements of beauty that make them suitable for repurposing. The availability of the vintage material controls the level of production on each piece. Additionally these materials they were produced and used in the heartland and thus carry the soul of Americana.

Our son Aaron has formally joined our team in mid 2017 bringing additional creativity and much needed build capabilities.  Prior to that Aaron has jumped in and spearheaded successful show set ups and contributed to Farm & Factory Interiors design expansion.    

We hand craft each piece of our articles using the best available materials to assemble our designs. Although we may produce multiples of most designs no two are exactly alike due to variations in vintage materials.

Including our lighting and decorative works in your home or business allows you to live with a piece of history and the soul of Americana not found in today’s mass produced imports.  We hope you enjoy our work as much as we like producing them.  This is our passion!!!


Robert Bixby

Founder "Farm & Factory Interior"

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